What Is a Primary Care Physician?

When you're healthy and don't need lots of medications or specialist doctors, you might not think much about having a primary care physician (PCP). But at New York Health, we believe that having a PCP is super important. As National Primary Care Week approaches, let's talk about why everyone should have a primary care doctor. 

Building Lifelong Relationships:

When you find a PCP you really connect with, it can lead to a long-lasting relationship. They get to know you, your health, and even your family over the years.

Comprehensive Care and Expertise:

Primary care physicians are the first line of defense in your health. They possess extensive knowledge across various organ systems and disease types, making them your go-to resource for comprehensive care. They know a lot about different body parts and health issues. At New York Health, our PCP team includes internists, gynecologists, and family medicine doctors, ensuring that you receive tailored care that's just right for you and your family.

The Role of Primary Care:

Your PCP does many things for your health. They provide initial care and ongoing management, emphasizing health education, preventive screenings, and chronic disease management. Every year you should see a PCP for an annual wellness check-up that is crucial for maintaining your health and preventing potential issues. During these visits, your PCP conducts comprehensive assessments, monitors your vital signs, and orders appropriate screenings. These wellness checks provide an opportunity to catch and address health concerns early, increasing the chances of successful treatment and reducing healthcare costs in the long run. This comprehensive approach ensures that you receive guidance on maintaining your health and preventing potential issues. Primary care physicians also serve as the coordinators of your healthcare journey, collaborating with specialists when needed.

Take a moment to thank your PCP this week, or make an appointment to see one soon. Click here to see our providers.


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