Stay Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

While autumn and winter can bring friendly gatherings and holiday cheer, they also usher in the common cold and flu virus. So even though you may have acquired this year’s flu shot while continuing to follow COVID-19 guidelines, you are still at a higher susceptibility of “coming down” with the cold or flu, should you let your guard down.

In a conscious effort to keep you and your loved ones safe from illness, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind as most of the country enters the coldest months out of the year.

1. Disinfect All Surfaces
Specifically, for those considered high-touch areas (e.g., door handles, keyboards, etcetera), it’s paramount to disinfect these surfaces throughout your home and office as often as possible. When sanitizing, you’ll want to find a cleaning solution that “packs a punch” — precisely one that contains at least 70% of alcohol to get the job done correctly.

2. Wash Your Hands Often
You’re taught to wash your hands as often as possible at a very young age, especially before eating or after using the restroom. However, if you forgo this hygienic routine, you could be more susceptible to becoming ill. To lessen the chance of illness or to endanger those around you (if you’re already sick), you’ll want to wash your hands as follows:
● First, turn on the water and rinse your hands. Once completed, turn off the faucet and apply soap.
● After generously using soap to every square inch of your hands, mildly scrub them for no less than 20 seconds; try singing “Happy Birthday” to yourself to make sure you meet the appropriate scrubbing duration.
● Once you’ve hit 20 seconds (or a few seconds over), turn the faucet back on, rinse your hands, shut the water off, and thoroughly dry them with a clean towel.

3. Avoid Touching Mucous Membrane
While this is an important rule to keep top of mind all year long, its effectiveness heightens during cold and flu season. Even if you have washed or sanitized your hands thoroughly, make a conscious effort not to touch your eyes, nose, or mouth. Unfortunately, your mucous membrane is an easy “entry point” for influenza to enter your
system — should you have touched a contaminated surface or have come in close contact with someone who has influenza.


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