Recognizing National Public Health Week

This week is recognized as National Public Health Week, a time to gather as a community to discuss how we can support public health. As the world continues to face various public health issues of varying scales, it’s important to make a collective effort to understand these issues and how we can come together to create change in our communities. This year’s focus is on protecting, connecting, and thriving to achieve the goals of public health. Below are this year’s daily themes and how you can help make a difference. 

Civic Engagement

Civic engagement encompasses taking action to identify and address problems in the community with a goal to create change. 

Healthy Neighborhoods

Some ways to support a healthy neighborhood include planting trees, getting to know your neighbors, and getting involved in community organizations.

Climate Change

Protecting the environment is key for a healthy future. Support environmental protection by taking steps to consume less, reuse and recycle when available, or volunteer for a local park cleanup.

New Tools and Innovations 

Utilizing new tools and innovations like using health apps to be informed about your health data is a pivotal way to support public health. 

Reproductive and Sexual Health 

Take steps to get screened for cancers and tested for STIs to support your reproductive and sexual health. 

Emergency Preparedness 

An emergency supply kit and plan will help you be prepared if an emergency strikes. 

Future of Public Health 

Advocating for good public health policies and funding community organizations and health departments will support a positive future of public health. 

National Public Health Week serves as an important reminder of the critical role public health plays in creating a safe and community-oriented environment now and for future generations. Committing to supporting and prioritizing public health can help us build a healthier society and overcome the present public health challenges to create change. 


NPHW: National Public Health Week Daily Themes

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