How Can I Keep My Brain Healthy as I Age?

It's no secret that your brain health diminishes as you age. It's your body's natural process, and it happens to everyone — so there's no shame in it! What you might not know, however, is that you can control this process to some extent. 

How you take care of your body now will impact how well your brain ages years down the road.

As long as you're proactive about taking care of yourself now, you should be able to maintain optimal brain health into your senior years and beyond!

Tips for staying on top of your brain's health

Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp
Even though you may start to notice that your memory isn't what it used to be, there are many things you can do right now to help keep your mind sharp. Try these tips:
● Eat foods high in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon and walnuts
● Avoid high-sugar or high-carb foods
● Eat whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables for healthy brain cells
● Make sure you get enough sleep every night
● Exercise for blood flow and mental health
● Be responsible with medications
● Read often
● Play games like puzzles or word games which promote creativity and problem-solving skills

Let's dive deeper into some of these! 

Tips For Getting a Better Sleep
Getting enough sleep regularly can do wonders for your brain health. Unfortunately, most people don't get enough quality rest — they either have trouble falling asleep or wake up way too early in the morning. If you're not getting enough shuteye, there are some easy ways to improve your sleep quality. 
Try turning off your screens at least one hour before bed and avoid taking naps during the day to help regulate your body's clock. There is also evidence that it might be helpful to limit caffeine
intake after lunch so it doesn't interfere with sleep patterns later in the evening.

Exercising Regularly
It keeps your heart and body healthy, and exercising keeps your mind sharp. So, hit that
treadmill! In addition, cardio activities like running, cycling, and swimming are great for your
brain health. These exercises help increase blood flow to the brain, which means more oxygen is
delivered to those neurons firing away inside your head.

Get Into Brain-Stimulating Habits
It's important to keep challenging your brain with new information and activities. This is because our brains are neuroplastic, which can develop and change throughout our lifetimes. With that in mind, you should look for ways to challenge your brain with new books, puzzles, puzzle-solving games, and more! 

Keeping Healthy Eating Habits
Eating a balanced diet is one of the best ways to keep your brain healthy. Ensure you consume lots of fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, and lean proteins. An abundance of antioxidants, B vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids will give your mind a fighting chance against chronic conditions like Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

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