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Eating right is essential during treatment for kidney disorders. The wrong foods can strain already overworked kidneys. Good nutrition is essential during the treatment and healing process. Eating the right types of foods can help the patient stay strong and feel better. Learning how to season foods for great taste without using salt and other ingredients that can irritate your system is essential.

A healthy diet containing the right amounts of key nutrients will help the patient feel more vital and healthy. Knowing the right types of protein, carbohydrates, and fats to eat, along with vitamins, minerals and proper water intake, is essential. Medical Nutrition therapy helps nephrology patients eat correctly to maintain their strength and a healthy body weight, and ward off infection.

Because kidney disease and its treatment have very specific nutritional requirements, such as staying hydrated without overworking the kidneys, avoiding excess sodium, etc., what’s good for a typical person can be different from what’s good for a nephrology patient. Proper nutrition can improve a patient’s outcome.
Studies show that a healthy diet assists the process of recovering from kidney disorders. In addition to improving their overall quality of life, it also improves their chance of recovery.

An Registered Dietitian can help a kidney patient with:

  • Dietary guidelines for people on dialysis
  • Nutrition for dialysis patients
  • Sodium and the CKD diet
  • Vitamins and minerals and their effect on kidney disease
  • Phosphorus and the CKD diet
  • Dairy and kidney health
  • Navigating food labels
  • Potassium and the CKD diet
  • Safely spicing up your diet when you have kidney disease

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